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  • free.drweb.uz — бесплатные утилиты, плагины, информеры
  • av-desk.com — интернет-сервис для поставщиков услуг Dr.Web AV-Desk
  • curenet.drweb.uz — сетевая лечащая утилита Dr.Web CureNet!
  • www.drweb.uz/web-iq — ВебIQметр

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Часто задаваемые вопросы по темам

These are non-commercial licenses (they are not for sale) and, therefore, cannot be restored.

To continue using Dr.Web, purchase a commercial license in the Dr.Web eStore or from an authorized Doctor Web partner

  1. Log into My Dr.Web Portal—select the appropriate option from the menu of your Dr.Web application.

    Screen «My Dr.Web»

  2. Go to the ‘Licenses’ section, and in the ‘Blocked’ tab, select ‘Replace serial number’.

What happens next

A new serial number will be sent to the email address you specified when you registered the serial number.

IMPORTANT! If you no longer use this email address, contact Doctor Web's Technical Support Service to replace your license.

If your license has been blocked because of piracy, it means that you violated the terms of the license that enabled you to use the Dr.Web key you received when you registred your serial number. You have violated terms in clauses 5.1. and/or 5.3 of the Doctor Web software usage agreement you accepted when registering your Dr.Web serial number.

clause 5.1… The software can only be used within a specified period of time, under a defined operating system and with the number of protected objects specified in the license key file, and in accordance with other parameters specified in the file.

«п. 5.3... You can store no more than two backup copies of a license key file. You may not give these copies to a third party or place them on tangible media that is accessible to a third party or make the files accessible to the public over the Internet or by any other means. If a valid key file is found to be in the public domain, the Rights Holder is entitled to render a software copy non-operational and disable its features.

If you have already used the one-time option to restore a Dr.Web key file and wish to continue using Dr.Web, you need to renew or expand (if necessary) your blocked license — via the Dr.Web eStore or an authorized partner of Doctor Web.

In either case, you will get a renewal discount — starting at 40% for a one-year license.


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